#44: Invest in Real Estate at Property Auctions

June 6, 2017

Why do properties end up at auction? 1:15
Do your diligence before the property auction 2:40
Get an idea of the property’s condition 3:10
Understand the property details 3:40
Where do auctions take place? 4:38
Payment, when and how 5:40
Certificate of Sale and Certificate of Title 6:25
Online auctions 7:11
Second chance auctions 7:48
Reserve prices 8:25
Calculating returns on auction property 9:30
Don’t get caught up in the moment when bidding 11:03
Lenders partnering with auction houses 12:25
Read the FAQs 13:15
Don’t be in a rush to buy 13:51
New handle! @InvestPodcast 16:01


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