#32: The Evolution of the American Dream: Why Homeownership Will Continue to Decline

March 14, 2017

The original “American Dream” 1:07
Peak of homeownership vs today 1:50
Switch to rentership 2:24
Factors continuing to decline homeownership 3:45
#1 - Tight credit markets 4:05
Corelogic’s housing credit index - home loan standards then and now 5:20
#2 - Relative affordability factors 9:16
Interest rates going up 10:27
#3 - Why personal savings rate is lower than historical trends 10:32
Discretionary spending higher than previous generations 11:11
Why can’t we save 12:03
Student loan debt and housing costs are crippling savings 12:17
Housing to income ratio shift 12:47
Good news for investors 17:01
Floor to housing 17:16
Dynamic situation for investors - always demand for housing 17:42
Advice on what kind of properties to invest in 18:06
No longer a stigma to renting 19:21


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