#17: Fix & Flip Financing with Ali Elwakeel, Civic Financial Services

November 29, 2016

About Ali Elwakeel (1:22)

About Civic Financial Services (2:36)

Civic’s products (3:16)

Interest rates of Civic’s products (4:56)

How Civic does its underwriting (5:49)

Civic’s geographic coverage (8:19)

Does Civic favor any particular markets? (8:57)

Would borrowers get the same terms and response rate no matter the property location? (9:55)

Should I be nervous that I am competing with Wedgewood in particular markets? (11:55)

Are you built more for beginner or experienced flippers? (13:32)

Can investors use crowdfunding as capital? (15:09)

Can investors borrow through their self-directed IRA?(16:00)

Are all of Civic’s loans recourse loans? (16:23)

Does Civic lend to foreign nationals? (17:35)

Misconceptions about Civic Financial Services (18:48)







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