#21: Advantages of Investing in Section 8 with guest, Yanir Ram

December 20, 2016

How Yanir got into the real estate investment space (1:20)

Did you purchase in the same market when you bought back assets? (5:15)

Did you reach 65 homes because financing was so loose? (5:57)

Was there enough market inventory to fulfill your demand? (7:21)

The process of being approved for Section 8 (9:59)

Is there a waiting list of eligible tenants? (12:28)

List of qualities a property needs to be considered Section 8 (13:30)

Have you slowed down your acquisitions, and started focusing on managing your portfolio? (15:30)

What are some key aspects you look for in investment opportunities? (17:08)

How many rentals do you have in your portfolio? (19:08)

Quick recap (19:44)






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