#65: From Fox News to Financial Freedom - An Interview with Clayton Morris

November 28, 2017

0:20 About Clayton Morris

1:30 What Clayton is doing today

12:00 The formula Clayton uses to achieve financial freedom

14:55 Where is Clayton investing in?

31:34 Check out Clayton podcast

32:10 Clayton’s investment company morrisinvest.com


#63: Q3 Rental and Housing Market Overview with Attom Data’s Daren Blomquist

November 14, 2017

Who is Attom Data Solutions? 1:51
Daren’s background 3:00
How Attom ranks neighborhoods 6:30
Q3 top zip codes 9:15
Top 25 List - www.attomdata.com 10:25
How natural disasters can provide investment opportunity 12:00
What markets still hold distressed inventory? 16:05
How does the market look going forward? 21:00


#62: Acquisitions and Operations, Tips from RealSense CEO Todd Farnsworth

November 7, 2017

Todd’s real estate background 1:25
How Invitation Homes was buying 3:50
Acquisitions and operations 5:50
Overwhelmed vendor networks 9:30
How RealSense serves the market 13:00
How does RealSense find investment opportunities? 14:50
Markets on Todd’s radar 17:30
Todd’s mistakes investors can learn from 20:33


#61: Goldman Sachs Acquires Genesis Capital; The Defragmentation of Private Lending

October 31, 2017

Who is Genesis Capital 0:57
Crash course on private lending in the US 2:04
Problems with private lending historically 4:40
Path to institutionalization in private lending 6:25
How this evolution benefits investors 10:10
Competition and consistency 11:00
Certainty of execution 14:10
Win-win for investors and institutions 14:30


#60: Where and How to Invest in Real Estate - Advice from RHSS CEO, Min Alexander

October 24, 2017

What is RHSS? 1:10
Min’s investment history 2:10
How RHSS is scaling and localizing 4:35
Markets for small investors to watch 5:20
Delving into value-add investing 7:55
Buy box to consider when investing 10:15
How novice investors can take on larger renovation projects 12:20
Real estate limited partnerships 15:40
Finding inventory in key investment markets 17:00
Online auction platforms 18:45
Mistakes and final advice 21:55


#59: Analytics for the Masses - Advances in Technology and Real Estate

October 17, 2017

How real estate is using technology 1:25
Frequently used terms explained 3:35
What is machine learning? 4:00
Technology impacting decision making 7:15
Emergence of fintech/Uber example 8:25
Rationalized decision making through data 9:20
Blockchain technology 12:25
Challenge of digitization of real estate records 16:15
Why not unify the MLS? 18:00
Real estate around the world 20:50
What is today’s real estate broker worth 23:10
Changing roles of people and technology 26:00


#58: Advice from the LARGEST fix & flip lender in the country, Steve Pollack, CEO of Anchor Loans

October 10, 2017

Anchor Loan active markets 1:10
Steve’s background 2:15
Trends happening in investment lending 6:26
A race to the bottom 6:45
Increasing leverage to extremes 7:43
How Anchor Loans underwrites fix and flip loans 11:16
How Steve counsels and evaluates borrowers 12:20
Finding lasting business 14:05
The importance of communication 14:20
Recommendation to borrower - ensure certainty of funding 16:35
Determining ARV on renovations 18:45
Understand comps 19:50
Best practices for borrowers to get funding 22:25
Final advice to investors 25:40


#57: Live from the IMN: Build-to-Rent with AHV Communities CEO, Mark Wolf

October 3, 2017

How Mark’s company is participating in build-to-rent SFR 1:25

Growing AHV markets 4:10

Build-to-rent community build-up 6:45

What separates AHV from other B2R communities 8:00

AHV target audience and demographics 10:25

Eliminating risk of bad neighbors 12:10

What’s the ultimate scalability of Mark’s model? 14:00

How this model could solve the problem of lack of inventory 17:30

Smaller labor force and efficiency in building 18:45

Modular construction helps to drive cost down 19:25

AHV tenancy trends with their unique offering 21:00

Mark’s final advice - lessons to learn from 23:50



#56: Live from AmeriCatalyst 2017 with Urban Institute Director, Laurie Goodman

September 12, 2017

What’s happening in the SFR rental market? 1:05
Is new inventory coming? 2:00
Future of home and rent prices 3:15
Yield compressions in the space 4:30
Build-to-rent entering SFR investing 6:35
How is financing evolving? Fannie/Freddie role in SFR 7:45
What does Fannie/Freddie involvement mean for smaller investors? 13:10
Final words 14:05


#55: The State of Institutional SFR Investing with guest, Green Street Advisors

September 5, 2017

John’s background 1:10
Green Street Advisors and the SFR space 3:00
Results of potential yield compression 6:30
Potential NOI growth in SFR investment space 7:20
Operational improvements and technological advances 9:40
Predictions about the future 10:05
Build to rent trends 14:00
Shift to manufacturing model 17:20
Invitation merger 19:00
SFR investment sector make up 21:00
Institutionalizing the space 23:05
Fannie/Freddie piloting SFR investing 25:00


#54: Growing a Real Estate Portfolio - Advice to Operate Like an Expert with Guest Ted Farry

August 29, 2017

Snapshot of True Investments strategy and portfolio 1:15
Markets True invests in 2:05
Ted’s background 3:55
What attracted True to SFR? 5:00
How does True manage operations? 7:20
Importance of integration and using a team 10:00
How does True source providers in multiple markets? 11:50
Principle strategy 13:35
Distressed inventory and competition 15:00
True’s growth trajectory 16:35
What institutions can do for overall SFR space 18:00
Final advice for new investors 19:20


#53: Buy-and-hold Investing with National Home Rentals CEO Jim Athanasopoulos

August 22, 2017

How Jim got into real estate investing 2:05
How NHR works with investors 5:45
Outlook on making mistakes 8:50
How NHR chooses properties 9:25
Shift in strategy 12:45
Jim’s biggest mistakes and advice to new investors 15:10
NHR’s portfolio and where they’re buying now 18:00
Advice to new investors 20:35


#52: Q2 State of the SFR Investment Market Update

August 15, 2017

Economic snapshot & it’s two main metrics 1:30
Housing market supply and demand issues 4:30
Why can’t we save money in America? 5:45
Census Bureau homeownership report 7:00
Markets with household growth 8:00
Markets with strong job growth 9:00
Issues with housing supply 10:25
Building permits to employment ratio 11:20
Where to find good deals 12:35
Foreclosure in the U.S. 12:50
Where to find the best gross yields 15:30
Rent appreciation trends 16:15
Vacancy rates in the U.S. 17:00
Home prices and yield compression 18:50
Where out-of-state investors are deploying capital 19:50
Where investors are buying and flipping 20:55
How to prepare 23:25


#51: The Rust Belt Resurgence

August 8, 2017

Cities in the Rust Belt showing resurgence 1:20
Pittsburgh’s job market and unique population circumstance 3:50
New Eds and Meds growth in Buffalo 5:00
Highest foreclosure rates and what that means for investors today 6:45
Lack of institutional competition 7:30
Cleveland revitalization 8:20
Detroit on the upswing 10:10
Rust Belt market projections 15:21


#50: From 18 to 80: How Everyone Can Invest in Real Estate

August 1, 2017

Different investor personas 1:00
Generational breakdown 1:36
Persona 1: Family backing to assist college aged kid 4:45
Minimize spending and reduce debt 6:40
Pay down debt vs invest 8:00
College student advantage 8:45
Starting with partners 10:10
Persona 2: Have money saved, can’t afford a primary residence, looking to rental property in outside markets 11:30
Key for first two personas - be thoughtful, time is on your side 13:55
Persona 3: More established, paid down debt, higher income, ready to invest 15:00
Finding your A-team 16:10
Pros and cons to investment property vs paying down mortgage 17:25
Returns to consider 18:00
Quick finance 101 19:35
Persona 4: Mature families 22:30
Persona 5: Retirees 23:05


#49: The Good, Bad & Ugly of Instant Offers

July 18, 2017

Evolution of buying and real estate 0:37
Advances in technology shifting home buying and selling 4:20
Downside to some of the new online solutions 5:02
Unrealistic data and misleading claims to be wary of 8:00
Potential to leave money on the table with instant offer companies 11:05
Zillow instant offers enters the market 14:30
Real value of your real estate agent 17:00
Shifts in data transparency 20:30


#48: America Needs Affordable Housing

July 11, 2017

Intro to affordable housing crisis 1:30
Google’s modular housing project 2:00
Benefits to modular housing 3:45
Potential downfalls to modular housing 6:14
Shipping containers as housing 7:04
Benefits to shipping containers 8:20
Tiny house movement 9:36
Issue of cost of land 11:07
Desirability issues 14:01
Solutions in affordable housing 17:56


#47: The Resurgence of Detroit as a Heavy Hitting Rental Market

June 27, 2017

Al’s background 1:10
Detroit: the reality vs. the perception 3:30
Trends fueling the resurgence 4:42
Businesses coming to Detroit 5:20
Government programs helping to raise the standards 7:50
Detroit returns 9:43
Who supports the investor after the purchase? 12:05
Success through customer service 14:30
Following the indicators 16:00
Market analysis when selling to investors? 17:04
Homeownership vs Rentership in Detroit 18:55
What’s next for Pioneer Homes? 20:08
Al’s tips for new investors 22:05


#46: Mo Hamzian’s “Brexit” into the US Rental Market

June 20, 2017

US vs UK real estate markets 2:45
How to scale a business in investing? 4:23
Higher barrier to entry in the UK 5:02
US perspective to investing 7:38
UK underlying attitude when it comes to investing 9:30
Mo’s first deal in the US 12:00
How he chose Florida 13:03
Setting up a system and building a team 16:00
Mistakes to learn from 18:10


#44: Invest in Real Estate at Property Auctions

June 6, 2017

Why do properties end up at auction? 1:15
Do your diligence before the property auction 2:40
Get an idea of the property’s condition 3:10
Understand the property details 3:40
Where do auctions take place? 4:38
Payment, when and how 5:40
Certificate of Sale and Certificate of Title 6:25
Online auctions 7:11
Second chance auctions 7:48
Reserve prices 8:25
Calculating returns on auction property 9:30
Don’t get caught up in the moment when bidding 11:03
Lenders partnering with auction houses 12:25
Read the FAQs 13:15
Don’t be in a rush to buy 13:51
New handle! @InvestPodcast 16:01


#43: The 5 Most Common New Investor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

May 30, 2017

Mistake #1 Limiting yourself to your own geography 2:30
Know your investment strategy 4:05
The data advantage 5:34
Mistake #2 Overleveraging 6:57
Reasons to finance 7:09
Cost of capital compared to returns 8:46
Mistake #3 Doing everything yourself 16:13
Assemble your team 17:09
Mistake #4 Over or under renovating the property 20:15
Flip vs rental property renovations 21:02
Mistake #5 Not saving for maintenance and capital expenditures 22:36


#42: Unconventional Investing - Find your strategy with Ed Renwick

May 23, 2017

Ed’s background in SFR investing 1:38
What did Ed learn after owning 40 houses? 4:15
How did Ed scale his business? 4:41
Who does Ed cater to? 7:00
What’s Ed’s buy box and returns? 7:42
Risks associated with inexpensive homes? 10:22
Where does Ed invest? 11:53
What condition does Ed invest? 15:04
How did Ed get comfortable investing outside of his home market? 18:37
Choose the right strategy for you 23:03
Where does Ed see the market going? 25:15


#41: Fix and Flip Financing with RCN Capital’s Jeff Tesch

May 16, 2017

How does RCN help investors? 1:25
What’s different now than before? 4:50
Is RCN financially backed? Where does the capital come from? 5:48
What are the products RCN offers to investors? 8:21
Most common mistakes investors make 11:05
Do most investors hire contractors or do the flips themselves? 14:53
How does RCN help their customers? 17:17
What’s happening with fix and flip interest rates? 20:45


#40: The Evolution of REI with Tim Herriage, CEO of 2020 REI

May 9, 2017

Tim’s background 0:35
How Tim got his start 1:12
How has negotiating changed in today’s market? 4:56
The crash, then and now 6:10
How does Tim approach financing and how has it evolved? 11:51
Starting with joint ventures 13:09
Best way to learn the numbers 14:08
Future for finding equity 16:21
The Iceberg Report 20:04
Tim’s best advice for first time investors 25:55


#39: How do Millennials get started investing?

May 2, 2017

Where do millennials start? 2:30
Start with high-interest debt 3:02
Look to affordable markets, stable demand 5:39
How much do you have in savings? 6:54
Understand financing options and homeownership programs 8:58
How to crunch the numbers of a deal 12:14
Be realistic in your expectations 14:20
What’s your goal with investing 14:39


#38: Tips for Flipping Houses Like a Pro

April 25, 2017

Why flip houses? 0:38
Good rule of thumb when flipping 3:15
What to look for when finding flip opportunities 4:14
LA vs Houston example 5:44
Where do most flippers live and flip? 6:40
20% goal on flips 7:45
Tips to analyzing flips 8:53
Building your team - Find a good contractor 11:40
How to find a property/What to look for 13:20
Types of flippers 14:12


#37: Your Next Tenant, Uncle Sam

April 19, 2017

Why invest near military bases? 1:35
3 factors to determine Basic Allowance for Housing 2:35
How many service members in the U.S. 4:22
Where are the large military bases? 4:50
Strong markets 7:20
Benefits of renting to military service members 8:30
Evaluate days on market 12:05
Thinking about investing in military markets? 14:33


#36: Renovate Smarter with Guest, Sean Hoffman, VP Construction Services, Altisource

April 11, 2017

Sean’s background in construction and what he does now for Altisource 1:30
How many renovations did Sean oversee last year at Altisource? 4:55
What should a first time investor look for in a general contractor? 5:43
How can new investors vet a general contractor’s bid? 9:09
Tips for diligence when vetting a general contractor 10:35
Should investors compare material cost prices to the contractor’s bid? 11:58
How can an investor evaluate a neighborhood to gauge worthy renovations? 16:03
Does price usually indicate quality? 19:40
Preservation over renovation 22:08


#35: 1031 Exchange - Defer Taxes and Make Your Reinvestment Dollars Go Further Featuring Special Guest, Jon Fisher

April 4, 2017

High-level explanation of 1031 Exchange 1:11
What does 1031 do? 2:07
When does an investor need to set up a 1031? 3:06
Like for like investments 3:44
What should be avoided when using 1031? 4:43
Inventory vs Investments 5:13
What are the deadlines associated with a 1031 Exchange? 6:09
When should I look for replacement properties? 7:05
What is the 200% rule? 8:52
Can the new property be worth more or less than the 1031? 10:44
Costs that can and cannot be used with 1031 funds 12:03
Why do investors want to avoid capital gains? 13:55
Can investors string 1031 Exchanges together back to back? 14:50
If I defer, when would I have to pay taxes? 15:59
What are the holding requirements? 16:45
Does 1031 have geographic limits? 18:39
What are the costs associated and how do I get started with 1031? 19:19
Common misconceptions and mistakes to avoid 20:56


#34: Market Update - Top Markets in Q1 2017

March 28, 2017

Where are people investing? 1:28
Where are the best buy and hold markets? 2:33
What drives these top economies? 3:09
Jobs and employment growth 4:00
Identify a market with supply and demand imbalance 4:08
3 market case studies 6:26
Dallas metro and affordability 6:30
Denver metro and affordability 6:52
San Francisco metro and affordability 7:07
Trends towards rentership 7:56
Markets with rent increases 8:07
Low vacancy and job growth 10:00
What are the states and local governments doing to drive demand? 11:27
What about returns? 13:49
Where are the good yields? 14:30
Consider secondary markets 14:46

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#33: Investor Spotlight: Adam Adams

March 21, 2017

How Adam turned REI into a full-time career 1:35

When Adam knew it was time to make the switch 2:30

How Adam decided to invest outside of Denver 3:10

How he assembled a team out-of-state 4:00

What kind of deals Adam looks for 5:14

How Adam finances his portfolio 7:01

Hard money vs large national lenders 8:05

Better options for smaller, newer investors 9:15

Adam’s portfolio and lessons learned along the way 9:56

What is the goals for the future? 15:00

Markets Adam is looking at 16:58


#32: The Evolution of the American Dream: Why Homeownership Will Continue to Decline

March 14, 2017

The original “American Dream” 1:07
Peak of homeownership vs today 1:50
Switch to rentership 2:24
Factors continuing to decline homeownership 3:45
#1 - Tight credit markets 4:05
Corelogic’s housing credit index - home loan standards then and now 5:20
#2 - Relative affordability factors 9:16
Interest rates going up 10:27
#3 - Why personal savings rate is lower than historical trends 10:32
Discretionary spending higher than previous generations 11:11
Why can’t we save 12:03
Student loan debt and housing costs are crippling savings 12:17
Housing to income ratio shift 12:47
Good news for investors 17:01
Floor to housing 17:16
Dynamic situation for investors - always demand for housing 17:42
Advice on what kind of properties to invest in 18:06
No longer a stigma to renting 19:21


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#31: Beware the Guru: Ins and Outs of Real Estate Education

March 7, 2017

The guru trap - what does it look like? 1:53
Telltale signs of a real estate “guru" 3:14
What’s the general scheme set up? 5:40
Money trap master course 8:18
Selling you three things 9:55
How the guru groups can rip you off 11:50
Avoid the guru trap, here’s how 12:15
Where can you get good information? 14:03

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#30: Evolution of Marketplace Fundraising

February 28, 2017

What is RealtyShares? How does it work? 1:30
What are the minimum standards and typical profiles of the borrowers and sponsors? 6:14
What makes RealtyShares more efficient than banks or hard money lenders? 8:33
How does RealtyShares obtain and deploy capital? 10:26
Does RealtyShares guarantee funding to borrowers? 11:08
What is the minimum loan size? 13:07
Who is able to utilize RealtyShares? 13:48
Does RealtyShares show performance on past investments? 16:04
How is RealtyShares improving standardization? 18:22
Is RealtyShares planning to allow non-accredited investors to participate? 20:08



#29: SFR Portfolio Growth Strategies with David Lichtenger

February 21, 2017

David’s background and how he got into SFR investing 1:08
How did David prepare to move into residential real estate from commercial real estate? 4:30
Did David stay in California or venture into outside markets? 6:00
How he effectively moved into Midwestern markets 7:09
What’s happening to the cap rates and how has David changed his investing strategy? 8:05
How many assets has David acquired since he entered the space? 9:56
Tip for new investors acquiring rental property 10:55
How have the capital markets and loan products evolved in the space? 12:49
Top lessons learned over David’s career 16:07
Where David thinks the market is headed 18:29

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#28: Tips to grow your portfolio with Mark Ferguson

February 14, 2017

What Mark’s portfolio looks like today 1:06

Where does Mark invest? 2:40

How does Mark find flips? 4:35

How does Mark value properties? 6:30

Advice to first time investors 7:17

How did Mark find his A-Team? 8:47

Advice to finding a contractor 9:30

How did Mark get stated in the investment sector? 12:45

What’s next? How Mark is growing his passive income stream 14:49

How Mark finances his deals 16:52

Final tips to investors 20:00


How FinTech is Changing the Game for Residential Property Investors



#27: The Invitation Homes IPO and what it means for investors

February 7, 2017

Invitation Homes goes public 0:37

Validation to asset class 2:12

Impacts to investors and what it means to the capital market 3:13

Capital markets get more comfortable meaning there’s more lending options for small investors 4:40

Lenders competing for smaller investor’s business 5:20

Operation efficiences trickling down from institutions to small investors 6:57

Online tools spawned by institutions that benefit the average investor 8:54

Invitation Homes got 1 billion dollar loan on portfolio from Fannie Mae - what it could mean for other investors 10:49

Current loan terms 12:05

What Fannie underwriting the Invitation Homes loan could mean for investors 12:40


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#26: Pros and Cons of short term rentals

January 31, 2017

(1:49) Why should you consider your property as a short term rental

(3:30) Legalities of short term rentals

(6:15) Legalities of condos and HOA’s

(7:40) Other costs to be aware of

(8:55) The main differences between a short and long term rental property

(9:55) Short term rental resources

(11:28) City’s motivation for limiting the availability of short term rentals

(13:27) Personal example








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#25: The Landlord Evolution: Why now is the easiest time to invest in real estate

January 24, 2017

(2:15) Why investors are afraid to invest outside their backyard

(3:20) How landlords can automate their tasks

(4:06) How Cozy can automate rent collection and background checks

(6:22) How SMS Assist can help automate your claims and issues for your properties

(7:42) Why a trustworthy property manager is essential

(9:57) Advancements in construction

(11:17) How firms like Property Masters can help with your renovation under budget and on time

(13:04) Advancements and applications of virtual realty and drones

(15:47) Overview of the evolution of the market


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#24: What to do when conducting due diligence

January 17, 2017

(0:30) Common misconceptions about due dillegence

(1:22) What do you want to accomplish?

(1:39) Market level research

(3:00) Neighborhood level research

(3:45) Pre-inspection due diligence

(4:37) Get an idea of required renovations

(6:10) Determine operating costs

(8:47) Determine which renovations are required for rental-condition

(12:11) Understand your HOA fees

(13:04) Common regulations regarding AirBnB or VRBO

(14:21) Liens and clean titles

(16:05) SFR vs. commercial real estate


#23: The Bridge to Success: Capitalizing on Bridge Loans with Mark Filler, Jordan Capital Finance

January 10, 2017

(0:40) About Jordan Capital

(2:19) Where does Jordan Capital lend?

(3:23) Mark’s journey through real estate

(7:09) New construction financing

(8:50) Jordan Capital’s terms and rates

(9:58) Points and pre-payment penalties

(13:00) Top markets for origination activity

(13:56) How long is the typical acquisition line used for?

(15:05) Have returns compressed in markets across the country?

(17:54) Tips on renovations

(18:53) Contact Mark Filler at Jordan Capital Finance





#22: Is it a buyers or a sellers market? Know what you’re investing in, in 2017

January 3, 2017

How to figure out if you’re looking at a buyers or sellers market? (1:09)

Case study: Miami, FL (3:31)

Metrics to look at (6:22)

Notable markets (8:38)

Cities that may be shifting into a buyer’s market (14:39)






#21: Advantages of Investing in Section 8 with guest, Yanir Ram

December 20, 2016

How Yanir got into the real estate investment space (1:20)

Did you purchase in the same market when you bought back assets? (5:15)

Did you reach 65 homes because financing was so loose? (5:57)

Was there enough market inventory to fulfill your demand? (7:21)

The process of being approved for Section 8 (9:59)

Is there a waiting list of eligible tenants? (12:28)

List of qualities a property needs to be considered Section 8 (13:30)

Have you slowed down your acquisitions, and started focusing on managing your portfolio? (15:30)

What are some key aspects you look for in investment opportunities? (17:08)

How many rentals do you have in your portfolio? (19:08)

Quick recap (19:44)






#20: John Helmick, Gorilla Capital

December 13, 2016

About Gorilla Capital (0:55)

What made you pivot from being an investor to helping capital-constraint investors (2:18)

Which states stand out for fix & flip opportunities? (5:57)

Tips for new investors (11:32)





#19: Rick Sharga, Ten-X

December 13, 2016

Why Ten-X re-branded from Auction.com to Ten-X (0:46)

About Ten-X (1:42)

Thoughts on how President-elect Trump policies might effect the housing market, economy, and employment (2:56)

Thoughts on Trump’s economy and bringing jobs back to the USA (13:26)

Thoughts about Brexit and other international economic activities (18:46)

Has there been a rise in international buyers on ten-x.com? (20:56)

What are some of the headlines we’ll see 1-year from now? (21:36)





#18: Simpler Property Management with Kevin Ortner, Renters Warehouse

December 6, 2016

About Renters Warehouse (0:55)

About Kevin Ortner, CEO, Renters Warehouse (1:47)

What does the average landlord look like? (2:41)

What is an “accidental landlord”? (3:40)

Is Renters Warehouse one of the largest property managers in the country? (4:43)

Why use a property manager? (5:41)

Renters Warehouse’s fixed rate (6:21)

Building trust with your property manager (7:32)

Working with the ‘Uber’ of maintenance vendors (9:28)

Common mistakes that the average landlord makes (10:35)

The value of a proper lease agreement (12:26)

The free rental price analysis (available on renterswareshouse.com) (14:03)

Markets Renters Warehouse is located it (15:46)