#76: What Every Investor Should Know: Title Insurance with Jim Weld, President, Premium Title Services

June 5, 2018

Jim Weld is President of Premium Title Services, an Altisource Business Unit. Jim talks about his background, the importance of finding a good title company, situations where title insurance can be beneficial, and so much more on the topic of title. 


#74: Alex Villacorta, EVP of Analytics at HouseCanary

March 27, 2018

Alex Villacorta, EVP of Analytics at HouseCanary, talks about his background, what HouseCanary is working on, and gives his insight as to if we’re on the brink of a recession.


#72: My Biggest Mistake: Pitfalls of the Recession

March 13, 2018

Dennis talks about one of his biggest mistakes in his professional career that he is still dealing with a decade later.


#71: HEAVY HITTERS: Gary Beasley, CEO & Co-Founder of Roofstock

February 20, 2018

Gary talks about his background, Roofstock, and predictions for 2018.


#70: HEAVY HITTERS: Danny Kattan, Principal, PIA Group USA

February 13, 2018

Danny and Dennis talk about how the future of technology and it's effects on real estate, as well as what he thinks 2018 as in store for us.


#69: HEAVY HITTERS: A Conversation with Michael Cook, COO of Streetlane Homes

February 6, 2018

Dennis speaks with Michael Cook from Streetlane Homes about Streetlane's current operations, investment strategy, and 2018 predictions. 


#68: The State of the Market 2018

January 30, 2018

Dennis speaks on his thoughts on the 2018 year for real estate. 


#65: From Fox News to Financial Freedom - An Interview with Clayton Morris

November 28, 2017

0:20 About Clayton Morris

1:30 What Clayton is doing today

12:00 The formula Clayton uses to achieve financial freedom

14:55 Where is Clayton investing in?

31:34 Check out Clayton podcast

32:10 Clayton’s investment company morrisinvest.com


#63: Q3 Rental and Housing Market Overview with Attom Data’s Daren Blomquist

November 14, 2017

Who is Attom Data Solutions? 1:51
Daren’s background 3:00
How Attom ranks neighborhoods 6:30
Q3 top zip codes 9:15
Top 25 List - www.attomdata.com 10:25
How natural disasters can provide investment opportunity 12:00
What markets still hold distressed inventory? 16:05
How does the market look going forward? 21:00


#62: Acquisitions and Operations, Tips from RealSense CEO Todd Farnsworth

November 7, 2017

Todd’s real estate background 1:25
How Invitation Homes was buying 3:50
Acquisitions and operations 5:50
Overwhelmed vendor networks 9:30
How RealSense serves the market 13:00
How does RealSense find investment opportunities? 14:50
Markets on Todd’s radar 17:30
Todd’s mistakes investors can learn from 20:33


#61: Goldman Sachs Acquires Genesis Capital; The Defragmentation of Private Lending

October 31, 2017

Who is Genesis Capital 0:57
Crash course on private lending in the US 2:04
Problems with private lending historically 4:40
Path to institutionalization in private lending 6:25
How this evolution benefits investors 10:10
Competition and consistency 11:00
Certainty of execution 14:10
Win-win for investors and institutions 14:30


#60: Where and How to Invest in Real Estate - Advice from RHSS CEO, Min Alexander

October 24, 2017

What is RHSS? 1:10
Min’s investment history 2:10
How RHSS is scaling and localizing 4:35
Markets for small investors to watch 5:20
Delving into value-add investing 7:55
Buy box to consider when investing 10:15
How novice investors can take on larger renovation projects 12:20
Real estate limited partnerships 15:40
Finding inventory in key investment markets 17:00
Online auction platforms 18:45
Mistakes and final advice 21:55


#59: Analytics for the Masses - Advances in Technology and Real Estate

October 17, 2017

How real estate is using technology 1:25
Frequently used terms explained 3:35
What is machine learning? 4:00
Technology impacting decision making 7:15
Emergence of fintech/Uber example 8:25
Rationalized decision making through data 9:20
Blockchain technology 12:25
Challenge of digitization of real estate records 16:15
Why not unify the MLS? 18:00
Real estate around the world 20:50
What is today’s real estate broker worth 23:10
Changing roles of people and technology 26:00


#58: Advice from the LARGEST fix & flip lender in the country, Steve Pollack, CEO of Anchor Loans

October 10, 2017

Anchor Loan active markets 1:10
Steve’s background 2:15
Trends happening in investment lending 6:26
A race to the bottom 6:45
Increasing leverage to extremes 7:43
How Anchor Loans underwrites fix and flip loans 11:16
How Steve counsels and evaluates borrowers 12:20
Finding lasting business 14:05
The importance of communication 14:20
Recommendation to borrower - ensure certainty of funding 16:35
Determining ARV on renovations 18:45
Understand comps 19:50
Best practices for borrowers to get funding 22:25
Final advice to investors 25:40


#57: Live from the IMN: Build-to-Rent with AHV Communities CEO, Mark Wolf

October 3, 2017

How Mark’s company is participating in build-to-rent SFR 1:25

Growing AHV markets 4:10

Build-to-rent community build-up 6:45

What separates AHV from other B2R communities 8:00

AHV target audience and demographics 10:25

Eliminating risk of bad neighbors 12:10

What’s the ultimate scalability of Mark’s model? 14:00

How this model could solve the problem of lack of inventory 17:30

Smaller labor force and efficiency in building 18:45

Modular construction helps to drive cost down 19:25

AHV tenancy trends with their unique offering 21:00

Mark’s final advice - lessons to learn from 23:50



#56: Live from AmeriCatalyst 2017 with Urban Institute Director, Laurie Goodman

September 12, 2017

What’s happening in the SFR rental market? 1:05
Is new inventory coming? 2:00
Future of home and rent prices 3:15
Yield compressions in the space 4:30
Build-to-rent entering SFR investing 6:35
How is financing evolving? Fannie/Freddie role in SFR 7:45
What does Fannie/Freddie involvement mean for smaller investors? 13:10
Final words 14:05


#55: The State of Institutional SFR Investing with guest, Green Street Advisors

September 5, 2017

John’s background 1:10
Green Street Advisors and the SFR space 3:00
Results of potential yield compression 6:30
Potential NOI growth in SFR investment space 7:20
Operational improvements and technological advances 9:40
Predictions about the future 10:05
Build to rent trends 14:00
Shift to manufacturing model 17:20
Invitation merger 19:00
SFR investment sector make up 21:00
Institutionalizing the space 23:05
Fannie/Freddie piloting SFR investing 25:00


#54: Growing a Real Estate Portfolio - Advice to Operate Like an Expert with Guest Ted Farry

August 29, 2017

Snapshot of True Investments strategy and portfolio 1:15
Markets True invests in 2:05
Ted’s background 3:55
What attracted True to SFR? 5:00
How does True manage operations? 7:20
Importance of integration and using a team 10:00
How does True source providers in multiple markets? 11:50
Principle strategy 13:35
Distressed inventory and competition 15:00
True’s growth trajectory 16:35
What institutions can do for overall SFR space 18:00
Final advice for new investors 19:20


#53: Buy-and-hold Investing with National Home Rentals CEO Jim Athanasopoulos

August 22, 2017

How Jim got into real estate investing 2:05
How NHR works with investors 5:45
Outlook on making mistakes 8:50
How NHR chooses properties 9:25
Shift in strategy 12:45
Jim’s biggest mistakes and advice to new investors 15:10
NHR’s portfolio and where they’re buying now 18:00
Advice to new investors 20:35


#52: Q2 State of the SFR Investment Market Update

August 15, 2017

Economic snapshot & it’s two main metrics 1:30
Housing market supply and demand issues 4:30
Why can’t we save money in America? 5:45
Census Bureau homeownership report 7:00
Markets with household growth 8:00
Markets with strong job growth 9:00
Issues with housing supply 10:25
Building permits to employment ratio 11:20
Where to find good deals 12:35
Foreclosure in the U.S. 12:50
Where to find the best gross yields 15:30
Rent appreciation trends 16:15
Vacancy rates in the U.S. 17:00
Home prices and yield compression 18:50
Where out-of-state investors are deploying capital 19:50
Where investors are buying and flipping 20:55
How to prepare 23:25


#51: The Rust Belt Resurgence

August 8, 2017

Cities in the Rust Belt showing resurgence 1:20
Pittsburgh’s job market and unique population circumstance 3:50
New Eds and Meds growth in Buffalo 5:00
Highest foreclosure rates and what that means for investors today 6:45
Lack of institutional competition 7:30
Cleveland revitalization 8:20
Detroit on the upswing 10:10
Rust Belt market projections 15:21


#50: From 18 to 80: How Everyone Can Invest in Real Estate

August 1, 2017

Different investor personas 1:00
Generational breakdown 1:36
Persona 1: Family backing to assist college aged kid 4:45
Minimize spending and reduce debt 6:40
Pay down debt vs invest 8:00
College student advantage 8:45
Starting with partners 10:10
Persona 2: Have money saved, can’t afford a primary residence, looking to rental property in outside markets 11:30
Key for first two personas - be thoughtful, time is on your side 13:55
Persona 3: More established, paid down debt, higher income, ready to invest 15:00
Finding your A-team 16:10
Pros and cons to investment property vs paying down mortgage 17:25
Returns to consider 18:00
Quick finance 101 19:35
Persona 4: Mature families 22:30
Persona 5: Retirees 23:05


#49: The Good, Bad & Ugly of Instant Offers

July 18, 2017

Evolution of buying and real estate 0:37
Advances in technology shifting home buying and selling 4:20
Downside to some of the new online solutions 5:02
Unrealistic data and misleading claims to be wary of 8:00
Potential to leave money on the table with instant offer companies 11:05
Zillow instant offers enters the market 14:30
Real value of your real estate agent 17:00
Shifts in data transparency 20:30


#48: America Needs Affordable Housing

July 11, 2017

Intro to affordable housing crisis 1:30
Google’s modular housing project 2:00
Benefits to modular housing 3:45
Potential downfalls to modular housing 6:14
Shipping containers as housing 7:04
Benefits to shipping containers 8:20
Tiny house movement 9:36
Issue of cost of land 11:07
Desirability issues 14:01
Solutions in affordable housing 17:56


#47: The Resurgence of Detroit as a Heavy Hitting Rental Market

June 27, 2017

Al’s background 1:10
Detroit: the reality vs. the perception 3:30
Trends fueling the resurgence 4:42
Businesses coming to Detroit 5:20
Government programs helping to raise the standards 7:50
Detroit returns 9:43
Who supports the investor after the purchase? 12:05
Success through customer service 14:30
Following the indicators 16:00
Market analysis when selling to investors? 17:04
Homeownership vs Rentership in Detroit 18:55
What’s next for Pioneer Homes? 20:08
Al’s tips for new investors 22:05


#46: Mo Hamzian’s “Brexit” into the US Rental Market

June 20, 2017

US vs UK real estate markets 2:45
How to scale a business in investing? 4:23
Higher barrier to entry in the UK 5:02
US perspective to investing 7:38
UK underlying attitude when it comes to investing 9:30
Mo’s first deal in the US 12:00
How he chose Florida 13:03
Setting up a system and building a team 16:00
Mistakes to learn from 18:10


#44: Invest in Real Estate at Property Auctions

June 6, 2017

Why do properties end up at auction? 1:15
Do your diligence before the property auction 2:40
Get an idea of the property’s condition 3:10
Understand the property details 3:40
Where do auctions take place? 4:38
Payment, when and how 5:40
Certificate of Sale and Certificate of Title 6:25
Online auctions 7:11
Second chance auctions 7:48
Reserve prices 8:25
Calculating returns on auction property 9:30
Don’t get caught up in the moment when bidding 11:03
Lenders partnering with auction houses 12:25
Read the FAQs 13:15
Don’t be in a rush to buy 13:51
New handle! @InvestPodcast 16:01


#43: The 5 Most Common New Investor Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

May 30, 2017

Mistake #1 Limiting yourself to your own geography 2:30
Know your investment strategy 4:05
The data advantage 5:34
Mistake #2 Overleveraging 6:57
Reasons to finance 7:09
Cost of capital compared to returns 8:46
Mistake #3 Doing everything yourself 16:13
Assemble your team 17:09
Mistake #4 Over or under renovating the property 20:15
Flip vs rental property renovations 21:02
Mistake #5 Not saving for maintenance and capital expenditures 22:36


#42: Unconventional Investing - Find your strategy with Ed Renwick

May 23, 2017

Ed’s background in SFR investing 1:38
What did Ed learn after owning 40 houses? 4:15
How did Ed scale his business? 4:41
Who does Ed cater to? 7:00
What’s Ed’s buy box and returns? 7:42
Risks associated with inexpensive homes? 10:22
Where does Ed invest? 11:53
What condition does Ed invest? 15:04
How did Ed get comfortable investing outside of his home market? 18:37
Choose the right strategy for you 23:03
Where does Ed see the market going? 25:15


#41: Fix and Flip Financing with RCN Capital’s Jeff Tesch

May 16, 2017

How does RCN help investors? 1:25
What’s different now than before? 4:50
Is RCN financially backed? Where does the capital come from? 5:48
What are the products RCN offers to investors? 8:21
Most common mistakes investors make 11:05
Do most investors hire contractors or do the flips themselves? 14:53
How does RCN help their customers? 17:17
What’s happening with fix and flip interest rates? 20:45


#40: The Evolution of REI with Tim Herriage, CEO of 2020 REI

May 9, 2017

Tim’s background 0:35
How Tim got his start 1:12
How has negotiating changed in today’s market? 4:56
The crash, then and now 6:10
How does Tim approach financing and how has it evolved? 11:51
Starting with joint ventures 13:09
Best way to learn the numbers 14:08
Future for finding equity 16:21
The Iceberg Report 20:04
Tim’s best advice for first time investors 25:55


#39: How do Millennials get started investing?

May 2, 2017

Where do millennials start? 2:30
Start with high-interest debt 3:02
Look to affordable markets, stable demand 5:39
How much do you have in savings? 6:54
Understand financing options and homeownership programs 8:58
How to crunch the numbers of a deal 12:14
Be realistic in your expectations 14:20
What’s your goal with investing 14:39


#38: Tips for Flipping Houses Like a Pro

April 25, 2017

Why flip houses? 0:38
Good rule of thumb when flipping 3:15
What to look for when finding flip opportunities 4:14
LA vs Houston example 5:44
Where do most flippers live and flip? 6:40
20% goal on flips 7:45
Tips to analyzing flips 8:53
Building your team - Find a good contractor 11:40
How to find a property/What to look for 13:20
Types of flippers 14:12


#37: Your Next Tenant, Uncle Sam

April 19, 2017

Why invest near military bases? 1:35
3 factors to determine Basic Allowance for Housing 2:35
How many service members in the U.S. 4:22
Where are the large military bases? 4:50
Strong markets 7:20
Benefits of renting to military service members 8:30
Evaluate days on market 12:05
Thinking about investing in military markets? 14:33


#36: Renovate Smarter with Guest, Sean Hoffman, VP Construction Services, Altisource

April 11, 2017

Sean’s background in construction and what he does now for Altisource 1:30
How many renovations did Sean oversee last year at Altisource? 4:55
What should a first time investor look for in a general contractor? 5:43
How can new investors vet a general contractor’s bid? 9:09
Tips for diligence when vetting a general contractor 10:35
Should investors compare material cost prices to the contractor’s bid? 11:58
How can an investor evaluate a neighborhood to gauge worthy renovations? 16:03
Does price usually indicate quality? 19:40
Preservation over renovation 22:08


#35: 1031 Exchange - Defer Taxes and Make Your Reinvestment Dollars Go Further Featuring Special Guest, Jon Fisher

April 4, 2017

High-level explanation of 1031 Exchange 1:11
What does 1031 do? 2:07
When does an investor need to set up a 1031? 3:06
Like for like investments 3:44
What should be avoided when using 1031? 4:43
Inventory vs Investments 5:13
What are the deadlines associated with a 1031 Exchange? 6:09
When should I look for replacement properties? 7:05
What is the 200% rule? 8:52
Can the new property be worth more or less than the 1031? 10:44
Costs that can and cannot be used with 1031 funds 12:03
Why do investors want to avoid capital gains? 13:55
Can investors string 1031 Exchanges together back to back? 14:50
If I defer, when would I have to pay taxes? 15:59
What are the holding requirements? 16:45
Does 1031 have geographic limits? 18:39
What are the costs associated and how do I get started with 1031? 19:19
Common misconceptions and mistakes to avoid 20:56


#34: Market Update - Top Markets in Q1 2017

March 28, 2017

Where are people investing? 1:28
Where are the best buy and hold markets? 2:33
What drives these top economies? 3:09
Jobs and employment growth 4:00
Identify a market with supply and demand imbalance 4:08
3 market case studies 6:26
Dallas metro and affordability 6:30
Denver metro and affordability 6:52
San Francisco metro and affordability 7:07
Trends towards rentership 7:56
Markets with rent increases 8:07
Low vacancy and job growth 10:00
What are the states and local governments doing to drive demand? 11:27
What about returns? 13:49
Where are the good yields? 14:30
Consider secondary markets 14:46

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#33: Investor Spotlight: Adam Adams

March 21, 2017

How Adam turned REI into a full-time career 1:35

When Adam knew it was time to make the switch 2:30

How Adam decided to invest outside of Denver 3:10

How he assembled a team out-of-state 4:00

What kind of deals Adam looks for 5:14

How Adam finances his portfolio 7:01

Hard money vs large national lenders 8:05

Better options for smaller, newer investors 9:15

Adam’s portfolio and lessons learned along the way 9:56

What is the goals for the future? 15:00

Markets Adam is looking at 16:58


#32: The Evolution of the American Dream: Why Homeownership Will Continue to Decline

March 14, 2017

The original “American Dream” 1:07
Peak of homeownership vs today 1:50
Switch to rentership 2:24
Factors continuing to decline homeownership 3:45
#1 - Tight credit markets 4:05
Corelogic’s housing credit index - home loan standards then and now 5:20
#2 - Relative affordability factors 9:16
Interest rates going up 10:27
#3 - Why personal savings rate is lower than historical trends 10:32
Discretionary spending higher than previous generations 11:11
Why can’t we save 12:03
Student loan debt and housing costs are crippling savings 12:17
Housing to income ratio shift 12:47
Good news for investors 17:01
Floor to housing 17:16
Dynamic situation for investors - always demand for housing 17:42
Advice on what kind of properties to invest in 18:06
No longer a stigma to renting 19:21


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#31: Beware the Guru: Ins and Outs of Real Estate Education

March 7, 2017

The guru trap - what does it look like? 1:53
Telltale signs of a real estate “guru" 3:14
What’s the general scheme set up? 5:40
Money trap master course 8:18
Selling you three things 9:55
How the guru groups can rip you off 11:50
Avoid the guru trap, here’s how 12:15
Where can you get good information? 14:03

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#30: Evolution of Marketplace Fundraising

February 28, 2017

What is RealtyShares? How does it work? 1:30
What are the minimum standards and typical profiles of the borrowers and sponsors? 6:14
What makes RealtyShares more efficient than banks or hard money lenders? 8:33
How does RealtyShares obtain and deploy capital? 10:26
Does RealtyShares guarantee funding to borrowers? 11:08
What is the minimum loan size? 13:07
Who is able to utilize RealtyShares? 13:48
Does RealtyShares show performance on past investments? 16:04
How is RealtyShares improving standardization? 18:22
Is RealtyShares planning to allow non-accredited investors to participate? 20:08



#29: SFR Portfolio Growth Strategies with David Lichtenger

February 21, 2017

David’s background and how he got into SFR investing 1:08
How did David prepare to move into residential real estate from commercial real estate? 4:30
Did David stay in California or venture into outside markets? 6:00
How he effectively moved into Midwestern markets 7:09
What’s happening to the cap rates and how has David changed his investing strategy? 8:05
How many assets has David acquired since he entered the space? 9:56
Tip for new investors acquiring rental property 10:55
How have the capital markets and loan products evolved in the space? 12:49
Top lessons learned over David’s career 16:07
Where David thinks the market is headed 18:29

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#28: Tips to grow your portfolio with Mark Ferguson

February 14, 2017

What Mark’s portfolio looks like today 1:06

Where does Mark invest? 2:40

How does Mark find flips? 4:35

How does Mark value properties? 6:30

Advice to first time investors 7:17

How did Mark find his A-Team? 8:47

Advice to finding a contractor 9:30

How did Mark get stated in the investment sector? 12:45

What’s next? How Mark is growing his passive income stream 14:49

How Mark finances his deals 16:52

Final tips to investors 20:00


How FinTech is Changing the Game for Residential Property Investors



#27: The Invitation Homes IPO and what it means for investors

February 7, 2017

Invitation Homes goes public 0:37

Validation to asset class 2:12

Impacts to investors and what it means to the capital market 3:13

Capital markets get more comfortable meaning there’s more lending options for small investors 4:40

Lenders competing for smaller investor’s business 5:20

Operation efficiences trickling down from institutions to small investors 6:57

Online tools spawned by institutions that benefit the average investor 8:54

Invitation Homes got 1 billion dollar loan on portfolio from Fannie Mae - what it could mean for other investors 10:49

Current loan terms 12:05

What Fannie underwriting the Invitation Homes loan could mean for investors 12:40


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