#18: Simpler Property Management with Kevin Ortner, Renters Warehouse

December 6, 2016

About Renters Warehouse (0:55)

About Kevin Ortner, CEO, Renters Warehouse (1:47)

What does the average landlord look like? (2:41)

What is an “accidental landlord”? (3:40)

Is Renters Warehouse one of the largest property managers in the country? (4:43)

Why use a property manager? (5:41)

Renters Warehouse’s fixed rate (6:21)

Building trust with your property manager (7:32)

Working with the ‘Uber’ of maintenance vendors (9:28)

Common mistakes that the average landlord makes (10:35)

The value of a proper lease agreement (12:26)

The free rental price analysis (available on renterswareshouse.com) (14:03)

Markets Renters Warehouse is located it (15:46)






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